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Welcome to Luscious Lathers Soaps, where we offer handmade natural soaps that gently cleanse the skin, glorious Shea butter creams and lotions, aluminum-free natural deodorants, and awesome sugar scrubs.


Luscious Lathers Soaps strives to make the best natural body care products by using the best raw natural ingredients.  We believe that anything used to cleanse and moisturize the human body should be natural and regenerative. Your skin is your best accessory.  Let us help you take care of it!

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"Handmade is best made."



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About Luscious Lathers Soaps

That someone could take some oils or fats and combine them with a salt and a liquid, mix them up, wait a bit, and end up with a batch of soap had long fascinated me.

And I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of making from scratch something that I use in my every day life, so I had to make my first batch of soap.

 Once I did,  then I could go on to my next challenging fascination – or so I thought!

I made that  first batch on a cold rainy night in December – and from the beginning, I was absolutely hooked on the process.

The rest really is history.  At first, I wanted to make soap and other body products just for my household.  But then I wanted to share my products with everyone else.  Luscious Lathers Soaps has been in business since 2009.  We still make our products by hand in small batches. We make every effort to source our raw ingredients as close as is possible to our Emeryville, California base.  And we don’t use any ingredient that our great-grandmothers wouldn’t recognize or use.  

M. Alabi
Soap Chef